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We are a group of Midwives operating in Cape Town and surrounding areas who provide private midwifery care to families wishing to have midwife-led care for both hospital and home births.

Together we formed IMPACT as a collective of Midwives coming together for regular meetings in order to share information and experience. We encourage other Midwives to join IMPACT in order to assist them to set up their own private practice in Midwifery and to feel supported by colleagues.

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An association of Midwives working in Private Practice to facilitate midwife-led care. Our main goal is to provide a support and information group for other Midwives interested in going into private practice.

If you are a midwife who would like to join IMPACT then please use our contact form under the contact page in order to get in touch.

If you are a researcher or have a media enquiry, please use the contact page to get in touch with us about your request.